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UX2 Presentation at Scottish UPA, 15th March

Posted on: March 22, 2011

Last week UX2 were fortunate to be invited back to present at the Scottish UPA’s regular meeting. Having introduced our project and the work we were doing at an event last year, this was a great opportunity to provide an update on the work which has taken place over the last 12 months while also share our latest research findings on mobile library services. The slides from the night are now available on Slideshare and have also been provided below. As the project winds up it was great to be able to highlight our work to other usability professionals. We were pleased to find out that researchers at Napier University Library were also in attendance. We hope the presentation was helpful and informative to them and everyone else who gave up their evening to attend.

2 Responses to "UX2 Presentation at Scottish UPA, 15th March"

Hi there!
What does the Yes/No/Not sure legend on slide 21 represent?

And is the mobile prototype available online anywhere?


Hi Stephanie,

The Yes/No/Not sure are the responses given by students to the questions ‘Is your mobile device a smartphone’ with an additional description of the term smartphone provided (seen on slide 8).

I know that Boon looked into using a mobile URL but currently it is designed to automatically detect mobile phones and display the mobile version accordingly. If there is a mobile URL I’ll let you know. The UX2 prototype URL is

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