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UX2.0 Project Meeting (rescheduled)

Posted on: May 21, 2010

This week we finally managed to host the first (rather belated) project meeting; Usability and Contemporary User Experience in Digital Libraries. The goal of the meeting was to disseminate current developments of the UX2.0 and AquabrowserUX project, outputs and future plans. The meeting agenda was divided into two parts, the first part discussing the UX2.0 project and the latter detailing the new AquabrowserUX project. There was just enough time at the end for a glass of wine and the opportunity to continue discussions and identify opportunities for the projects.

Much of the UX2.0 presentation was also covered in the SUPA meeting with a few minor additions. We were able to demo the login and diffusion of content on the live UX2.0 site but ran out of time to show the Blasamiq mockups. The AquabrowserUX presentation outlined the methods used for the research and some initial findings from the field study and interviews. There was plenty of discussion among the 14 or so attendees which was very encouraging. We came away from the meeting with some strategies to consider for user recruitment as well as words of advice on how to plan the rest of the project. Hopefully we will be able to organise a follow-up meeting at the end of AquabrowserUX for those interested in the outcomes. More details will be provided in subsequent posts.

UPA Conference, Munich

Next week is the Usability Professionals Association Conference which myself and colleague Liza will be attending.We will be writing posts relating to key learnings from the conference including a guest blog from Liza so check back then! 🙂

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