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AquaBrowserUX Project Team and End User Engagement

Posted on: May 19, 2010

Project Team

Boon Low, the Project Manager for both UX2 and AquaBrowserUX and developer for UX2 will be involved in all activities of the project, particularly user research, contextual inquiry and usefulness evaluation. Boon has a PhD in Computer Extraction of Human Faces. He is the developer and lead for the existing digital library initiatives at NeSC. He worked on several JISC library integration projects (DEVIL, d+).

Lorraine Paterson, the Usability Analyst for UX2 Project at University of Edinburgh will be involved in all activities of the project, particularly usability testing. Lorraine has worked as a consultant at User Vision, with a variety of clients including Epson, Acas, AIG and the NHS. She has also collaborated on other research examining online information sharing behaviours through the lens of social exchange theory.

Liza Zamboglou, a Senior Service Manager at University of Edinburgh’s Information Services division, will conduct the key user research, contextual inquiry and usefulness evaluation as a subcontractor. Some of her more recent work at the University includes User Testing sessions of the student portal, various contextual inquiries, and delivery of regular Usability Training workshops with a fellow colleague. Liza has worked as a usability consultant in the past for The Scottish Government and The Northern Ireland Executive for over 3yrs, coordinating and carrying out usability evaluations (100+ accompanied surfing sessions) on in-house web applications.

David Hamill, a freelance Usability Consultant will undertake the usability testing as a subcontractor. David has worked for companies such as User Vision and Usability Lab and has carried out usability studies for a range of public and private sector organisations including Royal Bank of Scotland. He writes a blog on web usability and has had several articles published on the topic, both in print and online.

Wilma Alexander is an e-Learning Services Manager within the University of Edinburgh Information Services and will be advising the team throughout the project. She is an information professional with a Masters in HCI and for the last decade has pursued a particular interest in usability of e-learning services in Higher education.

Giannis Tsakonas is librarian in the Library and Information Service at the University of Patras, Greece. He holds a PhD from the Department of Archives and Library Sciences, Ionian University. His research includes user-crentred library evaluation, information behaviour and visual communication. Giannis will also advise the team throughout the project.

End User Engagement

The project will communicate effectively with users and decision makers by systematically addressing them through the intended outcomes of the user study. It will rely on the existing engagement activities of JISC UX2.0 to disseminate key findings and developments among key audience in the JISC Community and at Edinburgh University. Findings of the project will be submitted to a conference (or journal) and disseminated through JISC programme-level events. The project team will blog regularly about work-in-progress via the existing UX2.0 blogs and Twitter feeds.

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