Researching Usability

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Posted on: August 14, 2009

So I’ve been meaning to create my own blog for a while. After joining the UX2.0 project last week its finally materialised. Although there will be an official UX2.0 blog on the website (still under construction), I wanted to get started on my own blog so I can talk about the project more informally. I’m hoping that it will not only serve to keep others updated  but also invite some discussion and input into the project as we begin to collect results.

It will hopefully also be a space where I can also talk about usability in general, from current research methods to my own experiences. If you are visiting my blog for the first time, thanks for stopping by. It may be a bit light on the ground at the moment but please check back here again soon or better still save it to your RSS feed to be kept right up to date! 🙂

Since its Friday and the weekend is imminent, I though I would share one of the many great Dilbert comic strips on usability, enjoy!


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